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What is website hosting?

Your website files need to live in a physical location somewhere on the internet. Those files will be placed on a server (powerful computer), which you can think of as the building where you live.

Whilst it is possible to buy/build your own server to house the files, which can be pricey enough, there are other associated costs to take in to consideration. For example: high speed internet access; a firewall to help prevent your server from being hacked and your files abused/corrupted/deleted; back up services such as power incase of power cuts/shortages; and data back up should the server's hard drive fail. Then there's air conditioning to keep the equipment cool and operating at peak efficiency. It's an expensive project to undertake, in some ways like buying your land, building your own home, connecting water and electricity, etc.

The simplest, most cost-effective and popular option is to co-habit. Instead of having your own server, you can rent lodging for your website on a server owned by someone else. Compare this to living in a flat. The building is owned by someone else, and you pay a rental to house your website files there. You will of course, have your own 'front door' so your files are kept private.

Prints Regent offer two website hosting packages, Prince and King. The Prince package will be more than enough for the majority of users (unless you're something like YouTube or a corporation with multiple offices/branches). You can always upgrade at a later stage. For peace of mind and continuity of service, hosting will automatically renew unless you request us to cancel.

Prince Hosting

Main features:

  • 10,000 MB webspace
  • 100,000 MB bandwidth
  • 10,000 subdomains
  • 10,000 additional FTP accounts
  • 50 databases
  • 10,000 email accounts (400 MB)
  • 10,000 email forwarding
  • 10,000 email autoresponders
  • 10,000 email distribution lists
£60 per year (£50+VAT)

King Hosting

Main features:

  • Unlimited webspace
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited additional FTP accounts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited email accounts (400 MB)
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Unlimited email autoresponders
  • Unlimited email distribution lists
£120 per year (£100+VAT)


Email upgrade options

Our standard email accounts can be setup as POP or IMAP accounts on your device to suit your needs, and have 400 MB storage. This is comprised of your inbox, sent messages, spam and trash.

POP accounts are primarily if you only ever intend accessing your email from one device. This email account could be for less urgent emails, such as household bills, that you can check of an evening when you are home, or at weekends, etc. POP works by keeping your messages on our mail-server until your email program calls in to access them. At this moment, your computer will download the messages from the server, and once they are safely there, they are automatically deleted from the mail-server. On the plus side, it's unlikely that your mailbox will ever fill, since you enter a process of downloading and deleting. The downside is that the message will download to the first device that accesses it. If you suddenly decide to use another device, such as a tablet or smartphone to access those emails, your messages will be split across the various devices.

IMAP solves this problem by keeping all of the messages stored on the mail-server. It doesn't matter which device calls into the mail-server first, as all messages are synchronised across all devices. This means that a single email address can be shared by a team of people, all with access to the inbox. A primary contact can deal with the emails on their shift, and others can take over on a different shift or on holiday cover. The downside with IMAP is that all of those messages stay on the mail-server, and that 400 MB will fill quickly. It is important therefore to create a back-up folder on your personal computer, so that as you start to run out of storage, you can copy old emails (both inbox and sent) to this folder so that you can delete them from the mail-server, in order to free up more space.

We do have the option of Premium Mailboxes. A mailbox can be expanded to 2 GB of storage, and in multiples of 2 GB steps up to a maximum of 10 GB. Before deciding how much you need, you can check your current email storage by clicking here, and selecting Mailboxes.

Do you receive a lot of junk emails or receive virus warnings on your computer? 9 out of 10 viruses are spread via email. It's always been a wise investment to have an anti-virus package on your PC, but with smartphones and tablets, this is not always possible. An iPhone may claim to be virus-proof, but you could forward on a message that includes an infected attachment. That's not going to look good on you! To help get around this and to reduce the chances of a virus downloading on to your device, we offer a server-side anti-virus package which scans and cleans email messages before they are downloaded to your device for greater protection.

Both services will automatically renew for continual service. Please request a cancellation from us.

2 GB Mailbox

Increase to 2 GB

£12 per year (£10+VAT)

4 GB Mailbox

Increase to 4 GB

£24 per year (£20+VAT)

6 GB Mailbox

Increase to 6 GB

£36 per year (£30+VAT)

8 GB Mailbox

Increase to 8 GB

£48 per year (£40+VAT)

10 GB Mailbox

Increase to 10 GB

£60 per year (£50+VAT)

Server-side Anti-virus Protection

Protection for your devices
£30 per year (£25+VAT)


SSL Security Certificates

SSL Certificates encrypt the data on your website, ensuring that the information being entered by your visitors is safe from prying eyes. You may have noticed recently that when you visit certain websites, you see a message telling you that it isn't secure. That website will be lacking a SSL certificate. If you look at the address bar on your browser now, you will see a padlock before our website address. We are protected by an SSL certificate and all our data is safely transmitted.

Do you need a SSL certificate to protect your website? On the one hand, if your website is for information only, and doesn't require any visitor input, then you can probably go without, but there might be a discouraging message of "not secure" showing on the browser. If your website contains links to other websites which do not have a security certificate, then that can invalidate your certificate anyway. Google also changed its algorithms (as it often does) to penalise websites that are not protected by SSL, therefore you are likely to slip down the search rankings.

We offer 3 levels of SSL Certificates, each renewable after a year. The price includes integrating the certificate into your website to ensure visitors are automatically issued with protected pages, rather than your original unprotected ones. If you choose not to renew a certificate, this may affect the operation of your site. As such, this option is set to automatically renew unless you ask us to cancel to subscription.

Please be aware that Simple and Standard SSL certificates may take up to 3 days to be activated once you have placed your order. Extended certificates may take up to 12 days due to the extra security measures provided.

Simple SSL

  • Ideal for small businesses
  • Secure https:// browsing
  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • Browser padlock
  • No warranty included
£90 per year (£75+VAT)

Standard SSL

  • Extra reassurance for small businesses
  • Secure https:// browsing
  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • Browser padlock
  • $100,000 warranty
£210 per year (£175+VAT)

Extended SSL

  • Maximum security
  • Secure https:// browsing
  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • Browser padlock
  • $1,000,000 warranty
£360 per year (£300+VAT)


Search engine submission

Details coming soon…


Cancel a service subscription

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