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Here are some messages we have already received via other sources…

“Wow they are amazing!!!” Pull-up display and large glossy posters for Debbie B.
“I think it is excellent, I really like what you’ve changed…” Website design for Josh H.
“Perfect! You are a star… thank you very much” “Professional” magazine advert for Vera R.
“I will love you for ever xx” Website, leaflet, banner, and stationery design for Pauline N.

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The Small Print

Prints Regent is a registered trademark of Prints Regent Limited.

  • Prints Regent Limited is registered in England and Wales, number 08328498.
  • VAT Registration number 980668035.
  • Our telephone hours are from 4.30pm-7.00pm. Please leave a message outside of these hours, and we will return your call.
  • We do not accept unsolicited sales or marketing calls - we are on the CTPS register! You may contact us via email or post.
  • We are happy with our utility providers, have not been injured in an accident recently, and have claimed for all possible PPI.
  • We do not wish to take part in any market research or surveys.