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It is said that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and that is very often in the form of your printed business card. Imagine that you’ve just delivered a great sales pitch to a potential new client, then you hand them a limp, shabby business card. That card mirrors what you or your organisation represent. Do you really want to hand out a business card that says you skimp and cut-corners, that you have no respect for your brand/self-image, or that you’re a complete novice?

We have put together a range of premium boards to choose from, of various weights, texture and colour, including the ultra-rigid Luxecore selection, which effectively is a business card sandwich with a coloured filling.

Premium is just the beginning. You can add executive refinements to your card such as soft-touch laminating, spot uv varnish, embossing, and various shades of metallic foiling. Choose rounded corners for your cards if you don’t want to come across as “square”.

Although not on this page, we also provide a range of plastic cards, if you're looking for something more like a credit card. Search for them under our
Printed Products category.

A card for all seasons

Apart from conveying contact information, business cards have a variety of other uses:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Voucher cards
  • Appointment cards
  • Membership cards
  • VIP cards
  • Receipt cards
  • Instruction cards
  • Reference cards
  • Sample/swatch cards
  • Playing cards

Folding business cards

Want to convey more than just your company address and name on your business card? Then use the back or even a fold-out card to present your promotional messages or unique selling points - perhaps using a different service/department for each side.

Laminated business cards

Whether gloss laminated, matt laminated, soft-touch or linen effect, lamination adds a layer of protection to your card as well as changing the feel of the card. Matt lamination in particular works extremely well against specific high-gloss (spot uv) areas of a card to enhance photos or logo. It’s a timeless classic. Soft-touch provides a luxuriously velvet finish for a real sensual delight - not something you get from reading online - who says printing is dead?!


Coated art paper achieves the best printing results, so called because the surface is refined with a “coating” – a bonding agent. This involves applying a specific colour coating whose main components are chalk, kaolin, casein or polymer dispersion. All papers are generally first matt after coating. To achieve a glossy effect, it then needs to be put through two high-pressure rollers called a calendar. This gives the paper a very smooth, solid surface which not only feels nice, but also enables better print quality and greater detail. The colours are absorbed less, and look bold and intense.

Offset printing paper
The uncoated offset paper is characterised by its intense 164 CIE whiteness. This printing paper is most likely to complement your letterheads and compliment slips. A traditionally thick and rough feel which can be written on easily.

Premium special papers
Our Chamois paper uses a warm earthy colour which gives your print product a naturally classy effect in creamy white. Anyone wanting to make their cards stand out through particular refinement can also choose Bright white paper which also impresses with a very smooth and velvety surface. Our premium paper selection is rounded off with a Linen-finish, and Ribbed varieties. Not only will they ensure your cards have a greater visual impact, but will also be unique to the touch with a really elegant texture to the paper.

Eco-friendly recycling paper
Recycling paper is an environmentally friendly alternative to the aforementioned paper types. It is Blue Angel-certified and boasts excellent 133 CIE whiteness. This paper is made 100% from recycled papers and has a natural, slightly rough surface.

Chromo board
This special purpose board has a smooth coated finish on one side, and rough writable side on the other, a little like your cereal box, only white both sides and much thicker! Well suited to receipt, appointment and loyalty cards.


Want a document that stands out and makes quite an impact? We have a number of techniques available to create something really special...

Blind embossing
This process makes your cards three dimensional, accentuating fonts, logos or patterns. This special feature not only instantly catches the eye of your existing or potential customers, but also provides a unique tactile experience, by pushing the image through the paper. In order to do this, we need to create a mould, which we can store and use for repeat order and other projects, so it might be worth considering having a fixed-size logo blind embossed on your flyers, letterheads, compliment slips and business cards. One mould fits all!

Hot foil flat embossing
For a really luxurious, reflective, metallic look, the hot foil can be applied precisely to a predefined area as a transfer foil.

Hot foil relief embossing
This is a combination of relief embossing and hot foil embossing. Your cards become three dimensional, and the refinement enables impressive light reflections. Next to gold- and silver foil you also have the choice between bronze-, copper-, red- or blue-metallic-foil for the relief embossing.

Relief varnish
While blind embossing can also be felt on the back page of the card, the relief varnish only works on the surface. This option may be used to visually and tactilely accentuate, for example, a logo or slogan.

UV varnish
This involves applying an additional layer of varnish to significantly increase your cards’ robustness and also create impressive visual effects. The varnish can be applied across the entire card, or only to selected parts (as UV spot varnish), which works particularly well when combined with matt lamination to highlight a logo or draw attention to photographs.


We give you the option of a screenproof so you can see what your card will look like before it is printed. We will then create a preview of your product so that you see an initial proof immediately on your computer screen. We’ll send you an email as soon as your card’s screenproofs are ready and you can then view your product preview with a resolution of 150 dpi in your MyOrders folder within your customer account. All you need to remember is that the preview is not colour-fast, so its colours may differ from the actual finished product. Anyone particularly wanting to see the card’s colouring beforehand can also request a paperproof from Prints Regent. In this case we’ll send you a true-colour Fogra-certified preprint of your card by post within a few days. And to make colour-checking easier, we’ll add a green strip to the paperproofs. Paperproof costs and delivery times are displayed directly online when you make your selection. Please note that all paperproofs can only be created in A4 and A3 formats. Smaller formats are printed on A4 paper.

Multiple designs on one order?

Themes allows you to add additional cards for the same specification in the same order. Maybe you need to order cards for 5 different members of staff. Perhaps each version will have a different promotion, or maybe you would like 250 for one person (1st theme) and 500 of the other (2nd and 3rd theme).

Design - your artwork, our in-house design team, or our online design tool

You can easily create your next flyer online without the need for our in-house design team (but we’re here if you need us). We have created and stored a great number of print templates and different designs in our complimentary FreeDesign tool so that you can not only save money but also time. Simply choose the flyer or folded flyer from the printing products and set the format and number of pages. You will quickly be acquainted with our design-tool, even without any graphical background. Tools like ruler, magnifying glass or the text-tool are at your disposal. You can freely upload your own files and use them for the creation of your flyer. Combine your own text and pictures with the ready-made graphics and text designs. Do you need the flyer-design for a private or commercial event? We have a great number of pre-made designs, photos and graphics for a variety of events. If you need help while using FreeDesign you can click on the “quick help” button at any time. We wish you a lot of fun getting to know our free tools while you create your flyers.

Delivery and ETA

Most of our printed products have a choice of delivery time, and the price will vary depending on how soon you require the order. Once selected, we cannot change this option after the event, so please select accordingly. Delivery times are also dependent on receiving your print-ready artwork by 10am.


Our prices are based upon us printing from the artwork you send us, without any intervention. For the benefit of business and personal customers, we display prices for both printing and delivery, and both with and without VAT. You can customise this display by clicking Change price display below the price. With your print options selected, and price display options, you can click on the printer icon to print this specification for later use. If you have a discount code, it can be applied at checkout. Discount codes only apply to Registered Accounts, and are promoted via social media, mailings, and by our online newsletter.

What is your artwork specification?

Select all of your printing options, then click view factsheet. You will be able to print off this specification for future reference. Create your flyers with us in the FreeDesign-Tool or with Photoshop, InDesign etc. at your place. Make sure to include the bleed and to create the print data in at least in 300dpi as PDF, JPEG or TIFF in CMYK colour mode with the colour profile “ISO Coated v2 (Fogra 39 L)” for coated art paper and “PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (Fogra 47L)” for offset or recycling paper. Refer to the factsheet to see if we require single pages or spreads.

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