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Comb Bind 16mm White

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  • Comb Bind 16mm White
White Comb Bind with 16mm Capacity

We stock white plastic comb binds not only to complement the white of the paper used, but also from a practical aspect, as the white spines can be written on with marker/CD pen for easier identification. If you want to be really flash, you could try to apply a Dymo label to the spine instead!

If we are binding this product to your document, a Service Charge will need to be added to your order, which can be found
here. Only one Service Charge is required on applicable products.

Binds documents up to 16mm but don't forget to allow for any board and/or acetate covers

A4 lengths 297mm, but can be trimmed down for binding smaller documents, such as A5

Ready to collect next working day from 4pm as a standalone product, or an additional working day if we are binding to a document we are printing/copying*


Comb Bind 16mm


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