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•Artwork BC

artwork business cards
  • •Artwork BC
In-house artwork design service for Business Cards

Working with your brief, we will professionally design a business card template for you, for either a single or double sided card. We will personalise this template for one recipient. On approval, we can supply you with print-ready artwork for your records. Naturally, we'd love to print them for you to, but that's extra.

If you require additional versions for other members of staff, using the same base template, please order those using the BC+ option.

Any stock images or bespoke fonts that are required will be charged separately, if you are unable to supply them to us. It is your responsibility to ensure we are allowed to use any supplied fonts or images under any corresponding licence agreement. Similarly, logo design is not included in this price but is available separately.

We will proof a design(s) to you. We will continue to amend the design as per your instructions until you are happy with the end result. You can then request the print-ready artwork from us, or place an order with us for printing. Once we have sent the first proof to you, we have fulfilled our obligation to provide a design, and no refund will be paid should you decide to cancel for any reason.

If you'd like to create your artwork online using our templates, head over to our DesignShop.


Base artwork template


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