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FreeDesign – our online design tool

Our Print Shop has its own integrated design package called FreeDesign. To access the design suite, click on the menu icon in the top right of our Print Shop screen.

The menu expands, and as you scroll down the list of products, you will see Calculate | Create | View displayed on the right hand side. If we have a template available for the product, it can be accessed by clicking on Create.

Accessing FreeDesign

FreeDesign is a simple solution to produce a design. You can upload your own images, display rulers and a grid, select colours and fonts.

Once you're happy with your design, you can purchase the printing there and then!

Artwork – doing it yourself

Perhaps FreeDesign doesn't give you what you're trying to achieve. Maybe you have a preferred design package of your own, and possibly your own templates to match. We are happy for you to create your own artwork to upload with your order. It will, of course, need to meet our print specifications.

We use different equipment and processes for the different products. When viewing the product you require, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the view factsheet button. This will point you in the right direction. You can also print out the details for reference.

When making your order on the Print Shop, you have the option to upload the artwork at a later date, should you or we need to adjust it. You can log into your account by clicking here (Administration > Data upload), and select your order from the list (if you have more than one current order). Choose your file, upload, and check the online proof.

Remember to upload the artwork by 10am to avoid a production delay.

If your artwork is struggling to meet our criteria, our in-house design team are available to either make your artwork print-ready, or to create professional artwork using industry-standard packages, for both print and internet.

Our print specification can be found under 'view factsheet'

To help you in your design project, here are some resources which you may find useful…


There are a number of stock libraries around, but our vendor of choice is Shutterstock. They have a huge selection and it's competitively priced - we use them ourselves!

With millions of royalty-free images in their catalogue, and more added every day, you're sure to find the perfect image or graphic for your next project.

Their entire collection of images is royalty-free, meaning you can use them in just about every application possible without paying a royalty fee for each time you use the image. Use it on a business card, a leaflet, a banner, vehicle wrap - it's all covered.

For smaller projects/budgets, a pack of 5 licences works out to just under £6 each (at the time of uploading this webpage) and you have a whole year to use them.

Just a little word of advice - always download the largest image or best quality file. It might take up a little more space on your computer, but it's always better to reduce the quality/size of a file than trying to enlarge it at a later date!

Be sure to read the licence agreement before making a purchase to ensure the licence is suitable for your needs.

Enter a search word in the window below to see if they have something suitable for you.

Powered by Shutterstock


"A picture is worth a thousand words" and can make all the difference in your design. Unsplash.com has a great, albeit limited, selection of high resolution photographs which you can use for FREE! Even we use them!

Be sure to read the licence agreement before using any of their images.

Costa Rica

Google Fonts

There are a number of font libraries/foundries around, some offering free fonts, paid-for fonts, and even bespoke fonts created just for you.

Fonts are used for both print and the internet, but the file format changes. This means you may have to pay for a print version of a font, and then pay again for the website/app version, if you want to maintain consistency across all of your marketing.

For this reason, we are starting to use Google Fonts a lot more. The fonts are free, available for print and internet use, and are simple to incorporate into website design.

Both of our sample fonts here are from Google.

Be sure to read the licence agreement before downloading

You'll always be mine!

You'll always be mine!

Using our in-house design service

  • Making your uploaded file print-ready

    Select this service if:

    • You've created your artwork
    • Uploaded it to our Print Shop
    • Received an automated message to say it doesn't meet our Factsheet specification, and it's not something that can be easily fixed in the factory.
    Once uploaded to our Print Shop, your artwork will be automatically checked as part of our workflow. Should you receive the automated message, you can either try to put it right yourself, or our Studio Department can do it for you.

    This is usually down to things such as:
    • The wrong artwork size (wrong orientation - portrait artwork when you've ordered landscape, dimensions, incorrect bleed allowance)
    • A mismatch of colours ordered and artwork supplied (such as full colour artwork for spot colour printing)
    • Keyline widths below the recommended minimum
    We charge £5 plus VAT (£6) for each page that needs correcting. Click on the appropriate Buy Now button above and enter the right quantity of pages. Once you have paid, you will be taken to the Artwork Upload page. Once received, we will set about fixing the issues, and re-submit the artwork to the workflow on your behalf.

  • Changes to an existing piece of artwork

    Our Studio will look into how the file was created originally and make the required changes for you. This could either be a new file you have submitted to us, or something we already hold for you.

    This does not automatically make your file(s) print-ready. If this is something you require, please let us know at the time of placing your amendment order.

    We charge £18 plus VAT (£24) per page for amendments commissioned.

    Use the appropriate Buy Now button above, and select the number of pages that will require changing (if only 2 pages of an 8-page document needs changing, enter 2). Once your payment has cleared, you will be taken to the Artwork Upload page where you can send us your file.

  • New artwork project

    This service covers all new work, chargeable either as per page (for a document) or per hour for larger projects (logo design, corporate re/branding). None of our artwork prices include costs for any stock imagery or other third-party elements, such as required fonts or graphics/photos from Shutterstock and the like.

    We charge £30 plus VAT (£36) per page/hour for amendments commissioned.

    Use the appropriate Buy Now button above, and select the number of pages (or hours as specified to you). Once your payment has cleared, you will be taken to the Artwork Upload page where you can send us any required files.

  • Business card amendment

    When we already have an existing artwork and we need a tiny change made to it - something very simple like a phone number or name change, most often done with business cards.

    We have a small charge of £5 (plus VAT) (£6) for each new card design.

    Would you like to do this yourself and save money?
    We could create an editable online template for you using our Web-to-print service. Simply login, change the details for a new or existing person, proofread it yourself (or send to someone else), then place the order, or re-order an existing layout.

    Let us know if you would like us to create an online catalogue for you.

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